Business Phone System Main Features


Full IVR Menu on VoIP Phone System for your business

Full IVR system

MyCleverPhone is a fully functional IVR system (Interactive Voice Response). This means that when you receive a call it gets answered automatically and a welcome message is played. Then you can offer the caller a series of options or simply forward the call to your handsets. There are a range of options and functions for the menu which can be changed by you in real time through our website.

Call Recording

You can choose to record inbound and internal calls. The recordings are stored on our servers using 256bit AES encryption – this means you can access them via our secure website with your personal login. Recordings are kept on the server within the storage limit of the package. If you need to keep a recording, you can download it as an MP3 file for storing on your own PC/Laptop.
Call recording has many uses for businesses. For example if your business provides telephone ordering and delivery services, such as fast-food delivery operations, you can access the recording from a handset using your account pin code. This feature can be useful in resolving disagreements over an order between the customer and staff – the manager can simply listen back to the call and act accordingly. A business owner can also use this feature to monitor the professionalism of staff while talking to customers.



On the VoIP Phone System all Call could be recorded as incoming, outgoing and even the internal calls


On our VoIP Phone System you can have multiple queues


Call Queues

When customers hear an engaged tone they may not call again, resulting in lost sales for your business. With our call queues all customers hear a ringing tone. If staff are busy you can play them a message politely asking them to hold or keep playing a ringing tone. When calls are in the queue the system can be set to ring several handsets until staff answer. So if three calls come in at once and you have two handsets, your staff can answer two of the calls and the third call will be on hold in the queue. Once a staff member finishes their call and hangs up, their handset will ring again to connect them to the remaining call in the queue.

Web based reporting

Our web interface gives you access to detailed call reports and tools. Our reports provide detailed and valuable information on calls into your company, allowing you to identify bottlenecks or other issues. This information can also be used to improve customer experience and help reduce costs for your business. Our tools allow you to access your call recordings, low cost SMS, change your messages, and much more. We offer a huge range of settings and configuration options to help you tailor the system to suit your business needs. Our support staff are more than willing to help you with these and other options – just give us a call!

With VoIP Phone System you get access to all reports what shows you the activity of you business


Advantage of our VoIP Phone System is that you never miss a call again, you will have the message as a voicemail recorded


Our voicemail service gives you greater flexibility than traditional systems. You can have just one voicemail account for your business or one for each handset. Businesses providing professional services would normally require a voicemail for each member of staff, whereas a fast-food delivery company, for example, would need just one voicemail account that is accessible from each handset. We also can send a copy of the voicemail to the email address of your choice, thereby giving you access to your voicemail while you’re out of the office.

Call Blocking

Call blocking allows you to block specific destinations so that staff can be prevented from making high cost calls. You can control the call blocking for each individual extension. This is a perfect solution for businesses that are concerned about staff making long distance calls to international mobile numbers or premium rate numbers.

VoIP Phone System provides you an advantage to block the number for inbound and outbound calls
VoIP System provide the best HD quality of sound


Call Sound Quality

All calls made through our system use the A-Law codec. This codec is very close to top quality PSTN and is much better quality than simple mobile calls. We have call samples on our website in our FAQ section to demonstrate our call quality.


Connect Globally

Our system is designed to suit the configuration of modern businesses where you may not have all your staff in one office, or you may even have one receptionist for three offices. With our system, location isn’t an issue as the handsets connect to our central servers. You can use this advantage to help you save your business money – all calls between handsets are free, so you don’t pay for calling between offices. Furthermore, calls can be easily transferred, say, from your office in Dublin to your holiday home in Sligo! You can even call between offices in different countries.

Multiple location but sharing the same VoIP Phone System and act as one office
On our VoIP Phone System you may get different international numbers to call the same physical phone in your office

International Numbers

Does your business have customers in other countries? Do you wish to expand into international markets? We can provide your business with a range of EU and North American landline numbers. You can then advertise these numbers in those countries to help reduce the cost to your customers. Please contact us for details and pricing.

SMS System

Our SMS system is designed to help you promote your business to your customer base. From sending special offers to appointment reminders with our broad range of features we believe we can meet all of your SMS needs. Also by combining it with our business phone system you can achieve even more!
If you interested in mobile text only then please visit our SMS dedicated service

You may advertise by SMS your business to all customers who called you
With our VoIP Phone System you can have attached a separate landline number per staff member

Direct Dial Inwards (DDI)

All our packages come with one landline number. If you wish we can add additional landline numbers to your account so that individual staff can have specific numbers. Please contact us with your requirements.

Facebook Application

No business can afford to ignore the dominance of social media as channels for advertising and sales. Facebook currently dominates the social media market and our application is designed to help you promote your business to your customer base on this network. If leveraged with Facebook Ads, our application allows you to target your customer base and generate impulse spends by providing your customers with instant and free communications opportunities. Our application even allows your customers to contact you when they have no credit on their mobile phone; and when used in conjunction with our business phone system, the application displays the name of the Facebook user when they call, allowing for a more personalized response. Other features allow you to block Facebook users who are causing a nuisance, and automatically block non-Irish IP addresses to prevent unwanted individuals in other countries calling your business.

With our Phone System you cam paging another member directly on his phone


Our system supports paging. This can be as simple as paging staff in a warehouse to playing scheduled advertisements over a speaker within your shop. The paging system is very flexible and can be configured to your needs by you from within our website.


Start up companies have limited capital for investing in IT equipment, that’s why we offer our Email 2 Fax and Fax 2 Email service. This allows your business to send and receive faxes without buying a fax machine. When a party sends a fax to your fax number you will receive an email with the fax as an attachment. To reply simply send an email to our designated email address and the third party will receive it as a fax. This also saves on having to have a separate fax line from a normal telecom supplier.

With VoIP phone System you can send your fax to email

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Short Definition of All Our VoIP Phone System Features

SMS Tools

Our business phone system comes integrated with a variety of SMS (mobile text message) tools for bulk and single messaging.

Call Queues

Handle incoming calls in a call center style with music on hold and informational notes.

Call Groups

Group the phones by departments for efficient call handling. All phones in the same group ring simultaneously.

Welcome Message

Greet professionally your clients with the pre-recorded message.

Opening Hours

Schedule the system to automatically switch between day/night modes, in the night mode the phone system plays a message about business’s opening hours then sends the caller to the voicemail.


Also known as ‘Answering Machine’ the ability for the caller to leave a voice message when you are unable answer the call.


The ability to see, on your phone, when your colleague is on a call or their phone is ringing. To use this feature an extension board with additional multi-color buttons need to be attached to the handset.


Phone Directory.Centralized, web based and shared company phone book.

Live Reports

Live reports for call statistics and call history with duration and price for each call. Also reports are available for inbound calls per landline number and each phone outbound call volume.

Call Divert

Divert or Forward the incoming calls to a landline or mobile when no answer or busy with the ability to see the original caller’s number.

Call Waiting

The ability to see the second incoming call on your phone while already on a call.

Call Transfer

Easy transfer a call to other phone in the office or to another mobile or landline number.

Call Conference

Have 3 people talking in the same time from their own phones.

Music on Hold

Playback a music or any pre-recorded audio to the caller while waiting for the call to be answered or when the caller is on hold.

Backup Call

Automatic divert all incoming calls to a specified number, mobile or landline in cases when you loose the electricity or the internet connection.

Mobile App

Use our mobile app to see your call logs and access the recorded calls. Your smartphone becomes an extension of your phone system so you cam make and receive calls anywhere you are by using the internet on your phone.

Virtual Lines

Conventional metric name for each incoming or outgoing call. Also referred as a ‘call channel’. Internal calls are not using those lines.

Irish Numbers/DDI

We offer regional Irish landline numbers that can be set to ring through the IVR or ring directly to one phone (DDI).

Max Connected Phones

The maximum connected hardware phones or software phones for the package where each phone has designated one extension number.

Installation & Support

On-site installation is offered. The phone and email support is also available. Installation cost is based on site survey.

Free Landline Calls

The unlimited landline calls to any geographical landlines in Ireland, subject the fair usage policy.

Voicemail to Email

Receive an email when you have a new voicemail, the message is attached to the email in the MP3 format.

Call Recording

The storage to keep your recorded calls. Once the storage if filled up the oldest are deleted to create space for the new one. Recordings are encrypted with the latest security algorithms and stored in a highly secure and redundant environment.

IVR Menu

Interactive Voice Menu, the automated call routing of the call IVR Menu.

Click2Call Application

Maximize your performance by dialing numbers with one click of the mouse. Useful for integrating with CRM and sales calls. Dial from the web browser, dial from the Excel spread sheet. Sip:, tel:, callto:, skype: uri call handlers.

Additional IE Number

Get additional Irish landline numbers. For example when you wish to measure the ad campaign effectiveness. Or when you need a direct dial line.

International Number

We offer international geographical numbers if you are doing business abroad.

SIM card hosting

We host your SIM cards and route the incoming and outgoing calls through it for cost reduction. We also redirect the incoming SMS to Email.

FAX 2 Email

Save yourself from paying the FAX line rental and keeping the FAX machine on. Receive the FAX’s to your email as a PDF attachment.

Skype Calls

Receive the Skype calls on your phone system when you don’t wish to be relying on the computer. Record the Skype calls. Play greeting message and route the incoming Skype calls.

Number Sniffer 1 Line

A device that connects to your landline and gathers the incoming numbers to be used in our bulk SMS tools or to generate reports on the time and volume of incoming calls.

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